Wednesday, July 29, 2009

To know or not to know....

I'm still miserable. It's sad really. I'm learning to live with it. Crying helps. So I've taken to sobbing to help ease the body aches and weakening nausea.

I've been asked if I'll find out the sex of our child. YES!! As soon as possible. Here are the reasons:

The father is really hoping for a boy, so I'd like him to know as soon as possible, so he can adjust early. :-)

The mother (that's me)

1. Would prefer not to receive a bunch of yellow baby shower gifts(assuming I get any gifts at all). I'm no fan of yellow, or pink really for that matter, unless it's matched with brown.

2. Rather not stress over finding boy and girl names unnecessarily.

3. We can paint the room a gender specific color.

My first and foremost wish...a healthy, happy baby, next, I'm hoping for a boy myself, I'll admit it. :-) soon as I know....I will share.


  1. You sounds exactely like me. I HAD to know so I could prepare everything! Not knowing would have killed me. lol. Both my babies ended up being the sex I wanted at the time. My first was a boy (found out at 4 months bc he did cooperate) and daughter i found at right at 13wks. Was so happy, and yes, her colors, room and all was pink and brown :)

  2. Oooh I hope I can find out next week. I'll be 13 weeks at the next ultrasound. I thought maybe it would be too early.