Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Girl

I was re-reading some of my posts and I came across the one where I mentioned how we were hoping for a boy. Let me clear this up right now, I am beyond happy and pleased I have a little girl. She is dreamy and as I thought I couldn't imagine what I'd do with a girl, I now couldn't imagine having a boy. My darling daughter's middle name is "Pearl" same as my Great-Grandmother who raised me and who I love and miss dearly. Beyond happy to have a girl to share this name. Not to mention my friends have all reminded me that I have been talking about "my daughter" since I was in High School. So my words manifested reality. Beautiful.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Abandoned? No just delayed

Being a new mother and a writer(trying to get paid) is no joke. Therefore my thoughts and actions have like a helium balloon disappeared into the clouds instead of being recorded. I have a moment. The child sleeps, my mind is quiet. I shall blog....

What has gone on. In the great words of Shug Avery..."I's married now." The child is 7 months, healthy, beautiful and full of energy. If I partook in the energy drink madness, I would drink a dozen a day to keep up.. She crawls, sits up, bites, smiles and makes her demands known in the loudest and most lovable ways possible. She is a dream and a blessing and pain in the butt all wrapped in to one. So happy to have her.

I called in a few favors to get some child talent agency info....she is a represented baby. We haven't gone out for any auditions yet, but hopefully soon. I'm not trying to go back to "regular" work. I need this "writer" thing to start paying. I can write anywhere and don't have to leave my little dreamie baby girl behind, to do it.

Oooop, she is up. She hops up from her sleep with a vengeance and because she sleeps next to me, if I'm on my computer she leaps for it. Yes, I've created a love monster. She will not sleep unless I'm next to her. I sometimes wish I could fit in her crib so I could get her in it and slide out when she falls asleep, but that's not happening. So I just relax when she relaxes and keep a watchful eye on her when she sleeps.

Hopefully one day, maybe when she's fifteen , she'll sleep alone.
Okay, must cut this short because this little girl will not be denied.