Monday, July 20, 2009

Breakfast with the Dolphins

On sunday my hombre took me for a motorcycle ride by the ocean and through Malibu. It was lovely and inspirational, because as soon as I have one show on the in Malibu is the first stop. I'm serious yall. Prompted by my hombre, I fought my misery and wish to stay in the bed rolled in the fetal position and left the house and was glad I did.

We finished the ride with Brunch at a seaside restaurant. Originally he felt going out for breakfast was a waste (as he makes a mean omelette) but the good man that he is, my happiness changed his views. It was an all you can eat Buffet and I certainly got his money's worth. I feasted on scrambled eggs, piles of bacon, carved roast beef, french toast with a coconut amaretto whipped cream (outrageously good), and much more than I care to admit, while watching the dolphins make their way across the pacific. It truly was a good Sunday Morning. I LOVE BREAKFAST. It's my favorite meal of the day and apparently so does Junior because after stuffing myself, I hopped right back on the bike, no sickness to speak of and made it home.

I hope to go again.

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