Tuesday, May 31, 2011

15 months later...

My little one is "running" everywhere. She does not walk, she runs. She is a joy, a blast, a hoot and sometimes a royal pain and I welcome it all. She called me Mama a few days ago, for the first time. We are visiting family and I left her playing in the backyard with her cousins and took a drive to the store, when I came back, she was happy to see me (and thirsty for milk) so she reached her arms up and said.."mama". Oh, the sweetness. Short lived because as soon as she got her fill of milk she was back playing with our cousins.

I am still breastfeeding, no end in sight. I try to give her cups and bottles with milk but she's not interested. I am the human pacifier. I'm certain when she is weaned I will miss her big eyes looking up at me while she drinks, so I'm not pressed. Other people might be thinking and have said "what, she's still breastfeeding?" but she's 15 months old, not four. sheesh.

Anyways, we had our first "toddler" flight across country. It wasn't too bad. SHe slept four two hours. There were moments, but overall she was really good for being confined that amount of time. SHe is the most active 15 month old I know and I know a few. I really do.

So I'm really no longer preggers and shocked I"m now a mother and settling in to this joyous role. She is sleeping right next to me as I type this and I'm fighting the urge to give her a kiss, because if she's not in a deep sleep it might waker her. :-)