Tuesday, July 21, 2009

First Pre-natal visit tomorrow

I really can't wait. I just want to go to sleep until it's time. I feel like I'm getting worse instead of better. My stomach, the nausea the inability to get rid of "waste", the body aches and my breasts are as fragile as two cheap overfilled water balloons. They hurt if I look at them too long. And I consider myself one tough cookie, but this kid is breaking me down. And again, I won't take pain killers or any magic sleeping pill, so suffer I must.

I managed to go to breakfast with a friend and then go right back home and lay on the floor.

Todays diet:

A few pieces of pineapple before I left the house

At Breakfast:

Decaf Coffee
Glass of grapefruit juice
A heavenly Ham & cheese croissant and two eggs over easy.


CAESAR SALAD - FIrst time in a few weeks I could even look at lettuce, but only romaine and only drenched in caesar dressing.
Beef Chili with cheddar cheese - yummy.
And a glass of majorly watered down gingerade.

Now I'm going to try to go to bed.

Late night snack
Grilled cheese sandwich and applesauce.


yesterday, as I lay on my floor, moaning and sobbing to relieve the misery my doorbell rings.
My hombre stopped by after work with a book for me..."The Girlfriend's guide to pregnancy". He is one thoughtful fella.

I started reading the book today and it is hilarious. I mean I'm laughing out loud, shocked and horrified and happy to know I'm not just going psycho.

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