Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Officially 12 weeks, that's 3 months pregnant. Only six more to go. ha, ha, ha. I think I feel a little better. The metal taste is letting up a bit. Bones are still aching, but I think it's because I need some calcium. So I'm taking a little extra. I agreed to work a few days so I'm happy I feel a bit more human. And I hope I can make it because the dough would be nice.

I slid on a pair of jeans for the first time in a few weeks and though I could button them, I couldn't keep them buttoned. The belly protrudes a bit and this time it's not just undigested food. :-) I think I honestly still feel like crap, but it's a major step up from the previous "misery" weeks.

I went to one of my favorite spots here in Los Angeles, Joan's on Third, to get one of those yummy breakfast sandwiches to go.
I was wearing a purple shirt with the words "Start wearing Purple". As I stood waiting for my to-go order, Joan, the very lovely and kind owner walked up to me and pulled my shirt down, to read the print. She laughed and told me she loved the shirt.
When I got back in the car I noticed I had unbuttoned my jeans and forgot to button them when I was in the restaurant. I couldn't help but think she maybe was looking out for my well being by pulling the shirt down. :-) But hopefully the shirt was already covering. Time to purchase more dresses. I can't imagine wearing jeans with elastic around the waist. Not ready for that one.

Gone stretchin'.

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