Monday, July 13, 2009

Emotions and good food

Yesterday my emotions were swirling (tears even) for the pursuit of my cravings and the lack of understanding of these cravings on the part of my beloved. One thing I learned is that I must always have my own. I'm too proud and sensitive and will pick strawberries with my child on my back if it means I can spend money on the things I need.

Here's my justification....Some people spend money on jewelry, clothes, purses, shoes. I don't. My overspending is for the love of organic food. Nitrite free bacon, vegetarian fed meats, non genetically modified fruits and veggies. Organic food is expensive, yes, but I'd rather put the good stuff in me, than on me. So if I have to wear hand me down jeans in order to afford my "habit", so be it. I can't have it questioned and if I come to a time in my life where I have to rely on someone else financially, it will be questioned. So my quest for this week is to "woman" up and figure out the next step in my life. No tears, okay, some tears, but not many.

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