Tuesday, September 22, 2009

19 weeks and counting..

I was trying to wait until I found out if he is a he or she is a she to post again, but.....

I had a doctors appointment yesterday. The precious one's heartbeat is 150 and his (or her) precious Mother is gaining weight. I've officially gained eleven pounds in less than three months. I can't blame it on the child because he (or she) is about the size of a mango right now. It's okay. For the love of the child.

My stomach is tight. I can feel the stretching. It's like I'm trying to digest a basketball. Hope that's normal.

No longer experiencing morning sickness THANK GOD!! but the newest invasion of the body snatchers issue is bellyaches. Terrible and long lasting. It's gas that does not move or go anywhere. It seems to just like staying right in my stomach, totally unconcerned with escaping. Yesterday it was so bad my stomach was actually sore to the touch.

I haven't felt the child kick yet, or maybe I have as they say it feels a lot like gas in the early stages, like a fluttering. And I've certainly had fluttering. I'm looking forward to feeling the baby kick. So strange to actually look forward to being kicked. :-)
I'm working, writing, packing and feeling very lucky and blessed that I am feeling well enough to do all of these things. Because the first few months I was useless.

The doctor told me even when I get the ultrasound and they guess the sex of the child, she would suggest going with a neutral color on the walls in the nursery because the ultrasound might be wrong. Sigh. Sorry but I'm probably going to go with the guess. Purple for girl, brown/tan for boy. Or I may cop out and do the "neutral" thing. Hopefully not. She suggested green. No way! No green walls.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

16 weeks

Can't believe I'm four months pregnant. I'm starting to believe what everyone keeps telling me "The time will fly by". Very happy to NOT be in Los Angeles where the air quality is extra horrendous from the fires. I'm still in Germany and it's lovely but I know the cold will be moving in soon and I'm sure it will hit fast and hard. Can't speak a lick of German yet but can count to ten in French and ask you how you are doing and tell you how I'm doing and tell you it's a very sunny day, and that's about it. Must learn these languages, wish I had started a lot younger. My child will speak these languages, so.....Mama needs to understand if her son (or daughter) is cursing her out or not. :-)

I'm happy I will be going for another check-up a few days after I get back because I have been sinning it up out here. But here's my thing, French and German women give birth to healthy babies every day and they eat all this meat, bread and cheese regularly. :-) That's how I'm justifying NOT having oatmeal for breakfast and truly eating meat, cheese, bread and jam EVERY morn, for breakfast. Though I could go for a nice bowl of oatmeal. Don't get me wrong, it's delicious, but my system is taking extra long to digest all this food and my beau had to go find some prune juice for Mama in Germany. It was not easy. But alas I have some..."Pflaumesaft". It helps, probably saving my life along with some "Lactulose" I have been given, but it will really be about getting back to eating less meat, bread and cheese and eating oatmeal and veggies.

Everyone is drinking delicious coffee and I'm drinking some stuff called"Caro."

It's good, but it ain't coffee. I take a few sips of my beau's coffee and mmmmm, but alas it's back to Caro.
Unfortunately I'm still gagging these horse pill pre-natal vitamins up. I've forced about three down since I've been here. I'm gonna have to look into a liquid version because...seriously. I'm failing.

I learned how to make a delicious cucumber salad and can't wait to try it myself when I get home. Though I'm in no rush to get back to reality. I'm living a fantasy life, besides the growing child and hormones slowing down my system and causing me dizzy spells. Sigh! But I continue to have a great time and fall asleep every moment I get. It's 3:30am here as they are nine hours ahead and after eleven days I'm still not used to the time difference. I'm a bit delirious most of the time.

Thank GOD the morning sickness has subsided. I'm still a bit sensitive, but not pitiful as before. By the way, I don't know who opted to call it morning sickness, it should be called...."All day or if you're lucky" morning sickness. I truly would not have been able to do a thing on this trip had my first trimester fell on these dates. I still can't stand the sight or smell of onions, garlic or chicken. Though the cucumber salad has a few pressed cloves in it, this is the extent of my garlic tolerance. It's insane to me as I used to eat raw onions on my burgers and raw garlic in my salad. The horror, of the thought now.

Okay, I'm going to stare at the wall like a zombie until I lose consciousness. I can't watch tv until I fall asleep (even though I don't really do that anyway) because it's all in German and will frustrate me and keep me awake. It would be nice if I felt like working on a screenplay...but I don't. So off to stare I go.