Thursday, July 16, 2009


Haven't washed my clothes. Haven't washed my hair. Slept most of the between feedings. I hope I don't start to resemble the animal I'm feeling like...A hippo. One who is kept in a zoo. Splashes around in water and lays in the mud, until it's time to eat.

Still nauseous out of my gourd, but....I have found some help. My aunt suggested ice pops, so I went to Whole Foods and bought some little pineapple-coconut squishy fruit ice thingys called, Smooze! Yummy and soothing to my tummy. I just have to pace myself because there are 12 grams of sugar in each little 65ml package, but so good and truly eases the disgusting aftertaste I get after EVERYTHING i eat.

I'd like to stop complaining, but I'm pregnant and shocked (and apparently my body is too), what's a gal to do. I know it's all worth it when I have a little bambino smiling up at me, but I'm almost hoping for twins so I can be done in one shot. :-)

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