Saturday, July 18, 2009

Moannnnn Groannnnnn

I spent the day with my beloved. Poor him. I told him I prefer to stay alone and waddle in my misery, but he won't hear of it. So we managed to go out early in the a.m. for some exercise. I'll admit it, I went rollerblading. It had been so long and I missed my rides on the beach. He jogged and I rolled (I still couldn't keep up). I didn't fall. Junior should be fine. I got sick for the return portion, but had no choice but to roll on. So I rolled on through the nausea. After the several mile, roll and jog, he took a swim and I took a walk to find food. I found a heavenly ham & cheese croissant and then we laid on the beach a few hours. It was difficult and wonderful all in one.

Later, I lost the battle of the erupting volcano and blew. Junior is apparently tired of watermelon. Okay, okay, Yunior, no more of the red stuff. So now I'm on baby food. I used to eat baby food years ago. The desserts are so yummy. So I figured I'd give it a try again. Earth's Best brand baby food. Organic yumminess. The plum, banana, brown rice mix is the one that's working for me right now. I'm gonna pick up some butternut squash tomorrow. This is strange, but I have to do what works. Pizza works as well. My beloved steamed some veggies for me and once I caught a whiff, junior violently rejected the thought of them. Boo hoo..I need veggies.

My first doctor's appointment is four days away. She is gonna get an earful. I might even cry in her arms. I need help. I value my health above all and always have and though it's not like I have some kind of "real" sickness. I really am miserable most of the time. I need to sleep more. I was up four times last night with body aches, in between painfully vivid dreams. So vivid I caught myself muttering out loud (and so did my man). Poor guy. I was dreaming of my Great-Grandma, who I've been thinking about and missing a lot lately. I was blessed to have her in my life until she was ninety-two years old, but really , it wasn't long enough. I'm just being selfish as I'm happy she's not here suffering, but still, she was my best friend and I can't help but to think of her more now that I'm with child. She will never hold her great-great grand and I'm sad about it. The dream was so real. I was in her house fussing at my little cousin, Jonathan as we did so many time when I was young and she was sitting there smiling at us. It was tough to wake up and realize my mind was on a trip. These are things I must go through and with these raging hormones it's a bit tougher, but I'm happy to get it out. I'm certain, somehow it's therapeutic.

Rant... ends... now....

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