Saturday, August 15, 2009

Latest craving

I am pleased to announce I am finally craving a vegetable. Collard Greens. Slow cooked with turkey bacon or sometimes bacon, bacon. So, so good to me. Thank God!! I desperately needed some veggies but really can't stand the sight of them. But thankfully, I've been consuming bowls and bowls of these dark leafy, folic acid and calcium filled veggies.

Feeling a bit more human. Was even able to work a few days. Truly grateful for the people with compassion who are throwing this broke mother to be, a bone. They aren't working me to death and are happy for me. Hory Glory!

My struggle will soon be eased a bit, by my joining households with the father of this child. This decision is a blog for another day. Because I somehow feel more at ease with becoming a mother than a wife. And the thought of sharing a home with another grown individual set in his ways is a bit horrifying to me. Not a dig on the wonderful man in my life because if he were any less than wonderful I would not even consider moving in with him. I'm not that kind of human. :-) Wish me luck.

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