Thursday, August 13, 2009

A writer writes.....pregnant and all.

I've seen the school my child must go to. It's in Malibu. I've viewed the house the child should grow up's eight million dollars. :-)

So, this writer must write, with nausea, body aches and the likes. And I shall.

I was working on two feature films before the baby ball dropped. Two completely opposite genres, one horror, one comedy. To be submitted to the same production company, so we shall see. My goal is to finish the horror script first. I've never written horror and have to say, horror is my least favorite genre because ALL horrors, good or bad, scar me for life. But I figure since I scare so easily, I should be able to write a half decent feature and may even surprise myself and write a whole decent feature. Horror films are usually cheaper to make and the return can be Blair Witch Project. I think it was about $500,000 to make (after a major film company got a hold of it) and it grossed $248,000,000 worldwide. Not to shabby for an improvised independent horror flick.

In my dreams my horror flick will cost more to make. And hopefully the production company will step out on faith and spend the necessary dough. I have sold one film (deferred payment...of course) and it is currently in post-production(editing and the likes). They (the producers and director) made some heart-wrenching changes and me, being not the most diplomatic human I know, had to boycott set. So I have yet to see any footage. I just had to let go and just feel grateful that unlike eighty percent of so-called "writers" in Hollywood, I have a screenplay that has been filmed. So I shall write more and more and hope to find a company with some dough as opposed the poor struggling production company that "bought" mine. But hey, it's made.... Blood, Sweat and Tears. Sometimes, most time, the most creativity comes from a struggle. Fingers crossed.

Let me also add...One show on the air, WHEN I get one show on the air (sooner than later I hope), an eight million dollar home in Malibu won't be so far out of reach. RIght now a box under a bridge is out of my range. But again...some of the best work comes from a struggle. I have embraced my struggle and am going to use it for gain.

Okay, off this thing and going to write something that may secure my child's financial stability. Well, on the level that his (or her) Mama would like to see.

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