Wednesday, August 26, 2009

15 weeks

and 1 day

Hallo (pronounced - Ha-Low in Germany)

I don't have internet access where I am staying in Germany so I'm gonna make this quick.

On Friday August 21, I took the worst flight of my life to Germany. We had middle seats. Both me and my hombre. He suffered as he has long legs and I suffered as I am pregnant and have aching bones and bladder issues. The doctor told me to make sure I walked up and down the aisles frequently, to avoid blood clots. I didn't. I walked a little, but truly, I had two people on both sides of me. It was pretty tough getting up and down on a ten hour flight. I couldn't sleep. I was too cramped to write. And at least my hombre could drink away his pain. I just had to sit with it and enjoy a glass of water. I watched the new "Star Trek" movie, over and over on a horribly shaky screen. I think I have developed a bit of a nervous condition because of it. The plane ride was Hell, with a capital H. And the food was Hell, with a capital H. And I had the nerve to ask the woman sitting next to me if I could have her sandwich. Junior needed protein and those portions weren't cutting it. So I ate two gross turkey, cheese and butter sandwiches, to ward off the nausea. Good thing I brought a bunch of snacks with me, but still at the end of the day, I require big, hot meals.

And after a ten hour flight to Frankfurt, we then had to take two trains to get to Baden Baden, adding another hour and a half to the trip. I slept on the train, missing all the scenery.

But I am here, Baden Baden, and the royal treatment and amazing food is making up for the plane ride. Unfortunately I can't adjust to the time difference just yet, so my brain and body are fried. I'm getting bigger by the minute. I'm definitely showing.
I'm hanging in here and everyone I have met is very kind and very generous and understanding of my semi-miserable condition and feeding me beyond well. Homemade marmalade, homemade cakes, cucumber salad, jaeger steak (pork cutlet with mushroom gravy), schnitzel and lots of fresh meat, cheese and bread. It's doing a number on my system, but it's delicious. So I continue to stuff myself. My boyfriend's, best friend's mother is going to show me how to make the cucumber salad, because it is AMAZING. I can eat it all day long, for breakfast lunch and dinner.

The air is wonderful, the weather is holding up. I have no complaints, except my own tired and"backed up" condition. Hopefully it will get better. I'm certain it will if I stop stuffing more food in me. :-)

Anyways, I'm on borrowed internet time here so I must jump. I like being without internet sometimes. It's the only way I can accomplish other things on my computer as in, finishing my screenplay and organizing my photos. The internet should be called," internetine" because it is addictive much like...caffeine and nicotine and the likes.

Tschüss (Goodbye)

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