Wednesday, August 19, 2009

14 weeks

and 1 day....

Reality is setting in. The reality that I may wind up as big as a house.

Mostly in the thigh and derriere region (my trouble spots) I had another check-up today. The doctor listened to the baby's heartbeat and told me of all the health issues they checked for but I didn't have. Great news. They weighed me and I gained six pounds. Six pounds!!! And the doctor had the nerve to tell me I was thin and they would fatten me up in no time. The horror. Now don't get me wrong I understand I must gain some weight, for the love of the child, but I've seen women who only have a belly as opposed to the ones who transform into..well you know. I was hoping for the cute basketball belly.

I'm going on "vacation" on friday and I'm officially showing, officially frumpy and officially out of most of my jeans. I say "vacation" because I have no business going anywhere, but my hombre planned this and is very excited so I'm gonna try to get my hormones in tact and somehow piece together some kind of wardrobe and head on out.

I don't have maternity clothes, I don't have transition clothes, I don't even know what that means. Sigh! I'll be in Europe and unable to drink..sigh! I'll be on a plane for many hours and forced to deal with "airplane bathrooms" sigh! But I'm going somewhere I've never been and it's been a long time since I've traveled out of the country so I'm trying desperately to shake this rut. Sigh! I'm taking my computer, hoping I'll be inspired to write something profound and interesting to check writing studios and producers. :-)


  1. This picture is hysterical.. I am wishing you a
    lovely vaca!

  2. Isn't that picture crazy. The kitty-cat really sums it up. Thank you!

  3. Girl I read everything on this blog. You are funny & descriptive. I love it! I wish you could have written in my pregnacy days (2x). You're going to love this experience! You no longer can think SOLO. lolololol

  4. Thank you Dionne!! I know, i am definitely a duo. :-)