Tuesday, August 11, 2009

13 Weeks today

And I also had my genetic testing ultrasound and bloodwork. The child actually responded to the technician when she pressed on my belly. He or she would turn as if annoyed. I love it. We tried to find out if it was a boy or a girl, but the little bugger wouldn't open its legs. The technician and the doctor took a random guess, they both said "girl". But they really can't tell yet, so I won't go out painting any rooms purple yet. :-)

Apparently I'm filled with numerous fibroids, but I was told they aren't disturbing the baby..yet. She said they aren't situated in any dangerous spots, but still, it's unsettling. They will watch and keep measure of their growth. I had no idea I had so many.

The good news...the doctor told me my baby was not medical interesting at all. Meaning, looks healthy and well. No genetic issues showing. He said, you never want a Medically interesting baby. I agree. What a difference 3 weeks makes. The baby has legs and I saw the brain. It's so trippy and amazing. I'm not even upset anymore about losing my dinner in the shower. Yes, gross, but real. Sorry, but I'm keeping it very real. It was a spaghetti explosion. The horror.

I wonder if the marijuana coming through the vents from my downstairs neighbor is bad for me. I might have to call the landlady on these noisy and rude losers.

I'm gonna get out of this apt. for a little while. I don't need the headache.

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