Sunday, February 7, 2010

38 weeks/5 days

My baby shower was last Saturday, January 30th. It was beyond wonderful. Good food, friends and fun and great gifts. About eleven family members and friends from the east coast traveled clear cross country to share the special day. We had two cakes..German Chocolate and Red Velvet and I can't wait until there is a occasion to go back and get more of these heavenly cakes.

i thought maybe I could will the child out the day after the baby shower while my family and friends were still here, but apparently she won't be rushed. And even though I'm quite miserable, her health and safety are first so if she wants to bake longer, Mommy will deal with the discomfort of having a full grown baby sharing my belly with all of my organs. :)

And speaking of "her", no less than twenty strangers have told me I'm having a boy, so I had the father come up with some boy names just in case. I was told girl during an Ultrasound in October, but hey, you never know. Most of the clothes are neutral as I love organic and neutral colors and loathe pink, but the child's room is painted lilac. If it's a boy he'll be like the recording artist Prince. :-) At the end of the day, boy or girl, doesn't matter to me...healthy and thriving child is the concern.

And though I say I'll just wait until she's ready I have tried, walking, eating lots of pineapple and I even went to a place famous for selling a salad that makes women go into labor. "The Maternity Salad", it was featured in several news articles. The salad was delicious, but no labor.

So I sit, pace, cry, moan, smile and wait to meet my upcoming bundle of joy.

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