Tuesday, January 26, 2010

37 weeks today - Breeched Baby

Oh yes, talk about neglect. I just couldn't do it. Blog that is. I haven't felt like doing anything constructive, besides eating and trying to find a comfortable position. I have started nesting, but because I'm very pregnant, the cleaning and organizing only happens in spurts. Most of it happens in my mind.

So, today I'm officially 37 weeks and due to my breeched baby (wrong position for birth) today I had an "External Cephalic Version."

The little girl, seemingly as stubborn as her mother, had not moved into the proper position for birth. She was completely head up. Painfully head up. She had her little head wedged in my chest and didn't seemed concerned about being a few weeks away from entering the world. So my doctor wanted to do this external version to attempt to get her into position to avoid labor complications and avoid a c-section.

There is a 50/50 chance it works. I am in the "it worked" percentile. It was very strange and now that my adrenaline is subsiding I can feel more pain. I'm just sore, as if I did one hundred too many sit-ups (As if I can do more than five on my best day). The nurse told me to focus on one thing. I sang Whitney Houston's remake of For the Love of you, in my head as the doctor coached me to breathe and used his fist and all of his strength to flip the child into position. YIKES! The nurse told me I had a high tolerance for pain. I do, but I'm certain I won't think so when it's labor time. But today, because I wanted this to work, I tried to remain as quiet as possible, when I really wanted to jump up and run out of the room, but not before kicking someone. Instead, I was grown. It probably took all of five minutes. But it felt longer.

It's insane to suddenly feel the baby kicking me in the spot where her head was just a few hours ago. But the relief of having her head lower instead of in my chest is wonderful. I had wicked, wicked, lava like heartburn and pain when she was head up, but I didn't know why. I just thought it was par for the course. But after the ultra-sound at the doctor's office and learning she was up, no further explanation was needed. Ahhh a little relief and a chance to have a natural birth. There is a a chance she may flip back around , but the doctor explained if the baby is hard to flip into position, it will be less likely for her to flip back. My little stubborn girl did not flip without a fight. So that is good news, because if she flips back. I will go ahead and reluctantly schedule a c-section. Though, so far so good.

Other news - I've gained 40 pounds for this pregnancy so far. I can't believe it's not more, because I've taken to cooking and baking brownies with brown sugar toasted pecans (i toast them myself). But I think I'm pretty active. If nothing else, I have to walk up and down a flight of stairs several times a day.

3 weeks to go before I meet this bundle of kicking joy.

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